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Amazing, I'm also making a game in this style. :)


ooo yea its shmup time

out of curio, have you considered posting about this on the shmups forum somewhere? lots of old school shooterheads in there with lots of 1cc's n such, might help with suggestions/dev stuff and such

I  didn't know there was a shmups forum haha, and I don't want to just log in and be like "LOOK AT MY GAME" but if you or anyone reading this wants to post about it, feel free 🥺

Most polished early access game I've ever played.

Well done ^^ I love the presentation and the game feels really tight.

Thank you so much! Yea that's why I decided to put it up, I mainly just have to put the rest of the enemies and bosses and stuff now, all the core stuff is solid I think

Good stuff!! 🥰

thank you!!!!

pretty neat

thank you!!

Being able to flip my monitor vertical for this game kind of totally rules tbh


yea!!! it was really important to me to implement that


Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z tym nieoficjalnym polskim tłumaczeniem gry:

Please enjoy this unofficial Polish translation of the game! :)


heck ye!!!

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Wait, I thought this had a demo because of SAGE :c


Yea!!! SAGE on September 1st, but I'm glad you're excited!!

This looks really cool!! Looking forward to the future demo!

Thank you!!!

Looking forward to seeing this! I love making cute arcade games like this so interested to see how this developes!

heck ye!!