Development Update 10/23/23

Howdy! Here I am talking about what I've been working on with Cosmogelica! Unfortunately, I had some stuff going on the last couple weeks, so I wasn't able to devote much time to the game. I did get some commissions done though, so that's cool. I've been getting back into game dev though, so here's what I got.


The Flamethrower has a short range, but is more powerful than other blasters. This means that you have to get up close to enemies to attack them, but you'll destroy them when you do. It's kinda like how Jotaro had to get close to Dio to use his Stand.

As an aside, I had to refactor a bunch of weapons code to get this in there. What I had I had written just so I could get the SAGE 2022 demo going, so it had a lot of hard coded values. It'll be easier for me to add more weapon types going forward.

Tilemap Updates

I updated the tiles to have a little bit of a falloff, and also so that the sides aren't so rigid. I don't really have a lot of pixel real estate to work with here, but I'm hoping this adds more depth and makes it less flat.

I also started work on a new scene which may look familiar to some of you. I'm gonna have to work on it some though, because I'm starting to realize that the scenes are looking similar in setup with the "sky island"  idea I had, and I'm wondering if this is gonna be a problem in the long run or not. We'll see

 Snow Gel

I realized that, by loosening the definition of what is considered a "gel" I can do quite a bit more here. The Snow gel is similar to the Barrier gel, except that when players and enemy units move through it, it melts.

You can also play around in the snow, if you like hehe

I had thought about some kind of gel that makes everything move slower, so I may assign that to some type of Water Gel. I'll continue brainstorming gel types and hopefully we will have more later.

Squirrel Enemy

I started working on a squirrel enemy. The general idea is that they hop around the playfield and throw acorns at the player. Once they've thrown enough of them, they leave.

These graphics are heavily WIP, but also very cute, so I wanted to share

Carol Is Playable

This means that two out of the four planned characters are now in the game. Originally they were gonna just be sprite swaps, but I decided that wasn't that interesting. Carol therefore has a higher attack power, but lower defense. So, where Monica can survive colliding with an enemy or getting hit by a big laser, Carol can't. However, she can tear through enemies easier, so yea, she's really like a glass cannon.

For the final two characters, I plan on one moving slower but having higher defense, and the last one moving faster, but otherwise their stats are average (I figure there will be enough challenge in moving faster.)

That's It For Now!

I've updated the Project Roadmap with some new stuff, so you can follow the progress of the game by checking it out once in a while.  You can also check out my Discord Chat or my new Forum. I'm working on several things with the game right now, so I won't be making a new build yet (sorry!) but hopefully soon enough I will have something for you guys that isn't just the SAGE 2023 demo but this time it costs money. Thank you for your continued support, and I'll see you soon!

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