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Shield Cat

A patreon supported game being created by CyanSorcery!

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Shield Cat – The Game!

Shield Cat  is a game starring Lance the otter, a mail courier for the Cat Kingdom. One day, he wakes up to find that his partner Parker has gone missing. What’s worse, dark magic is appearing everywhere! The kingdom is in chaos, King King Cat the Cat is missing, and Lance’s friends seem to be responsible. Lance will need all the help he can get on his adventure to save his partner, his friends, and maybe the Cat Kingdom.

Explore, Collect, and Upgrade

There are tons of collectibles and secrets in the Cat Kingdom! Throughout your quest you’ll find many abilities to make you stronger and allow you to access new areas and secrets. A detailed map screen will help you keep track of your progress, where you’ve been, and where you need to go. Can you find all the hidden collectibles across the land? You may even stumble into areas before you’re supposed to be there…


  • Beautiful pixel art reminiscent of the 16 and 32bit games of old, with plenty of modern enhancements.
  • Numerous upgrades and abilities to find and increase your power with, as well as gain access to new areas you couldn’t before.
  • Passive abilities that grant you bonuses and new moves just for having them.
  • Mysterious puzzles all across the world. You’ll need to keep your wits about you for them!
  • Tons of different collectibles to find all over the Cat Kingdom.
  • Several areas to explore, from the depths of the Lignum Woods, to the tallest heights of Mt. Bophades.
  • A detailed map system that keeps track of your progress in each area, how many collectibles you still need to find, and more.
  • Secret areas all over the Cat Kingdom to be found by only the most cunning players.
  • A large cast of humorous and interesting characters to meet and interact with.

And Much More...

  • A number of retro filters to take you back to the past.
  • Plenty of accessibility options to make it easier for everyone to play.
  • Full Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepad support, as well as full action rebinding - Play however you like!
  • A notes system that allows you to review recent dialogue, in case you missed something.
  • Various difficulty settings for the most casual of players, to the toughest players around.
  • Lots of speedrun options for the fastest of players.
  • Different customization options to tune the game to the way you’d like to play it.
  • Auto-saving.


To support the ongoing development of this game, I have a Patreon. You can get access to Patron-Exclusive builds of the game, as well as physical rewards based on the game.

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my game!

Suggestions? Bug Reports? Rope? Lamp Oil?

Feel free to join the Shield Cat community Discord to give me any feedback! You can also give me feedback over Twitter.

System Requirements

  • Windows:  Requires Windows 10 or above. May not work in older versions.
  • Linux: Should work in most major distros
  • Graphics: Requires support for Shader Model 3. Should run on a wide range of hardware, but newer graphics cards are recommended to use optional post-processing effects.
  • Processor: Pretty much any modern processor should work.

Download demo

Shield Cat Demo - Windows 60 MB
Version 25
Shield Cat Demo - Linux 62 MB
Version 4

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