Hello? Is This Thing On?

Whew, it's been a thousand years since I posted to Itch, huh?  I've been busy updating the game and preparing for the next demo! I wanted to let owners of the game know that I've been uploading demo betas that are available for anyone who either had a Patreon key from way back when, or bought the game when it was available for purchase for a little while. The next demo is coming up soon, so if you want to download the builds and give me feedback, please do!

If you're not of the above groups mentioned, but you still want to test out demo beta builds of the game, you can! For now, I'm just letting new people into the testing through Discord, so please join the chat if you haven't already. Then, just ask me and I'll get you going!

But yea, I didn't forget about Itch, far from it! It's just difficult to maintain different versions of builds for different sites while the game is still in development, so I just stopped posting to Itch for a while. However, Shield Cat will be back and better than ever when the new demo is released. Please keep an eye out on future updates. Thank you!

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