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Shield Cat

Spin to win as Lance the otter in this top-down pixel art game! · By Roxy


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082523 Shield Cat Patch
EDIT: A couple bugs were immediately found due to some last minute changes I didn't fully test out. If you've played the game and you see your save file says so...
Shield Cat Demo EP
Surprise! I've released the Shield Cat Demo EP! It is a collection of songs from the demo, as well as several beta and unused songs from the development of the...
010823 Shield Cat Chapter 1 Build
Howdy! Coming at you today with - yes - a build of Shield Cat! I went back to the demo version and made a ton of quality of life improvements, to bring the game...
1 file
090922 Shield Cat Patch
Howdy! Coming at you today with a patch to the Shield Cat Demo! This aims to fix many small quirks and bugs that were found, as well as make balance changes and...
2 files
Shield Cat SAGE 2022 Demo OUT NOW
Howdy folks! After nearly 2 years of hard work, Shield Cat is finally back for a brand new demo! Features of this demo include: Six big stages packed full of co...
Hello? Is This Thing On?
Whew, it's been a thousand years since I posted to Itch, huh? I've been busy updating the game and preparing for the next demo! I wanted to let owners of the ga...
Shield Cat Survey
Hey guys! I've created a survey about the Shield Cat demo! In the survey, I ask about what you like or did not like about the demo, as well as your thoughts on...
Shield Cat Post Demo Thoughts
Howdy! I wanted to take some time to write about the Shield Cat Demo, how it went, what I learned from it, and where the game is going next. This is a long form...
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1) Please don't be mean to anyone around here

2) Please only talk about Shield Cat. You can go off topic but try not to go too wild with it

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Controllers Added to the Game d62011a7000000000000504944564944 Switch Pro (PowerA version) 7e...
started by Roxy Jul 27, 2019
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Please use the Shield Cat discord to talk about bugs. Thank you!
started by Roxy Jun 26, 2019
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Please use the Shield Cat discord to talk about suggestions. Thank you!
started by Roxy Jul 23, 2019
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Made a video
started by Spudcats Sep 13, 2022
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Hi! Regarding your blurb at the bottom of the game page, I wanted to report that I can download the Linux version of Shi...
started by Skirmisher Sep 04, 2022
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To replicate: Go to Red Sphere Room. Go inside the building, holding up on the keyboard. Camera will become stuck until...
started by LunaDook Jul 01, 2019
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