New Build???


Today I'm putting a new build of Shield Cat!    It has been a while since I put a new build, so here are the changes!

Changed / Added

  • The forest room has been completely overhauled! There's lots to explore in the new Forest Room, so please check it out! I won't go into all the details here, but you probably will see them below and in previous updates. If you haven't been following along though, prepare for a treat <3
  • Lance can now throw his shield simply by pressing the new Ability button! No need to hold the Spin button to use the shield - it is now instant.
  • Lance now has the ability to swim! Jump into any deep body of water to try it out.
  • However, he can't yet use his Tubular Torpedo (his attack that he uses in the water) so it's a good thing there's no enemies yet.
  • Unplayable sections of the Forest Room are blocked off, and you shouldn't be able to get out of bounds (if you do lemme know)

Known Bugs

  • For whatever reason, if you're spinning when going from indoors to outdoors or vice versa, Lance will teleport to a completely unrelated part of the area. For now, please do not spin when going inside/outside!
  • The gate challenge is a little harder than it should be, as Lance's extended spinning hitbox is disabled so the game can run without glitching. This will be fixed in the future!
  • Can't get Lance to use his shield? See below!
  • The pause menu doesn't do much right now. If you get stuck or want to restart the game, just press F2


  • If you have played ANY version of Shield Cat prior to this one, you may have issues with controls (as previous builds did not have the use_ability action and also had remaps for different abilities that Lance no longer has.) To easily correct this, there is an option on the start menu that will reset all input configuration. Please use it if you are not able to use Lance's Shield.

Thank you for your continued support!

You can also read more about the development of the game on this Patreon post:


031920 Shield Cat Prototype - 6 MB
Mar 19, 2020
031920 Shield Cat Prototype - 6 MB
Mar 19, 2020

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