IMPORTANT: The Save Data Location Update

Howdy! Coming at you today with a new build of Shield Cat! This one comes with a lot of features aimed toward making sure you don't accidentally leave a room when you don't want to, or fall off the ledges when you don't want to. It won't help you if you intentionally fall off though hehe

This update  contains a very important change, so please be sure to read further!


The save directory for Shield Cat has CHANGED! The game will attempt to locate files from the old directory and copy them over. However, if you are running Shield Cat in any sort of sandbox environment, this check may fail. In this case, you'll have to copy the save data over yourself. Please ask me and I'll help you out if you have any issues.

Another way to find the save directory is on the Start Menu as well as the Pause Menu. In the Options Menu there's an option that will show you the location of the Data Folder. This is the folder for this version of Shield Cat, and the folder for the previous versions should be somewhere in the parent directory.

If you've played a previous version of Shield Cat, but the game doesn't ask you about moving the save data over, then that means the check has failed! You will have to move the data over yourself.

This is the only update I'm going to post where I highlight the save data relocation. Future versions of Shield Cat will ask about it as well, but I'd prefer if everyone downloads this version so that we can work out all the issues you might encounter.


The game should be able to copy files over with no problem. However, if there's a problem, you can find the save folders at %localappdata%\Shield_Cat_Prototype and %localappdata%\Shield_Cat. You may have to move the files yourself if there's issues.


The game will try to copy the files to the new save directory, but it may fail or you may get write issues later because of permissions. You can find the save folders in ~/.config/Shield_Cat and ~/.config/Shield_Cat_Prototype. You may have to update permissions yourself or copy the files yourself.

 ===== NEW =====

The cave area now has a proper entryway on it. Isn't that lovely?

There's also stalagmites now, if you're a big stalagmite fan.

The options menu now has an option that will show you the directory where Shield Cat saves files on your computer. As the location can vary from the defaults, this is the definite way to find the directory. Use this if you need to modify the config files directly (for instance, changing keyboard and gamepad input, as the game currently doesn't have an option for this yet.)

A little icon will now tell you which menu options open into a submenu.

You can now configure the text speed! It goes from extremely slow to extremely fast, because it wouldn't be something I programmed if you couldn't take it to the extreme.

 ===== IMPROVED =====

Platforms are now easier to land on, and you will no longer fall off them if you throw your shield.

Lance will also stay on solid land now if you backward slide or throw your shield near a pit.

The game will now help you to stay in an area if you don't really want to leave, for instance if you're spinning fast and are about to go offscreen and you try to turn around, or if you hit something just in the next area or you throw your shield too close to the edge of the screen.

 ===== BUG FIXES =====

Fixed an issue where the sound that plays when Lance hits something with his tail wouldn't always play.

Fixed an issue where the speedrun clock could show up by default on save files from older versions of the game.

 ===== Known Bugs =====

Sometimes grass will cast a shadow on Lance, even after it has been cut.

The Ability 2 Toggle currently doesn't work (for Lance's Shield.)

If you played the previous build, some Fish Scales you collected will show up, and others that you haven't collected yet will show as collected. This is an issue with the way the game enumerates and assigns IDs to Fish Scales in the room, and can't be fixed.

Thank you to the following people and everyone else who make this game possible!

Accalia, Shadow8t4, Caliburn Absolute, Chris Badger, David Wolfpaw, Spyduck, Fao, Flake, FoxyDude, Rix, Holly 'Frinkel' Lotor, Nutalie Frost, GamerRat (Jan), Gri, Goronhead, Holly Hoppet, Hulex Fox, Kirbizard, Trash, LF, LexiTheTT, Luna, Durk Vash, Markus Joseph Kitsinger , Marlyn, Mello the Ferret, Leon P, Nenekiri Bookwyrm, NovaSquirrel, Otarine, Cam D'Arcy, Saiai, Saxxon Fox, Ansel Geisel, Susan Tolias, Vivee, jay jorts, Kazy, keeri, megaRammy, raine, SUSHiCLAWS


072220 Shield Cat - 11 MB
Jul 22, 2020
072220 Shield Cat - 11 MB
Jul 22, 2020

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