SAGE Final Build

Howdy folks! This is the final build I'm creating for SAGE! It features a few bug fixes and improvements over yesterday's build. Unless a major bug is found with the game, this is the one I'm using for the demo!

 ===== NEW =====

  • There's now a pre-start screen that ups the fanciness factor.

 ===== IMPROVED =====

  • There is a lot less "pop in" present during screen transitions as only some objects will now "pop in."
  • The shield will now be repelled off planks when you throw it at the wrong side, rather than outright being destroyed.
  • The shield will also now be repelled off the giant gates properly, instead of being outright destroyed.

 ===== BUG FIXES =====

  • Planks will no longer trap you inside their hitboxes if you approach them incorrectly.
  • Pretty Petals will no longer slide off into the out of bounds area in certain circumstances.

 ===== Known Bugs =====

  • Sometimes grass will cast a shadow on Lance, even after it has been cut.

Big thanks to the following people and everyone who supports me who made this possible:

Accalia, Shadow8t4, BeepSterr, BenTheDragon, Caliburn Absolute, Chris Badger, Clover Arizona, David Wolfpaw, Spyduck, Cloud Hop, Fao, Flake, FoxyDude, Nutalie Frost, GamerRat (Jan), Gri, Goronhead, Holly Hoppet, Jyrki, Hulex Fox, Kirbizard, Kaypar, Trash, LF, LexiTheTT, Lorxus, Luna, Luna Moona the Little Kahuna , Durk Vash, Markus Joseph Kitsinger , Marlyn, Mello the Ferret, Midori, Leon P, Nenekiri Bookwyrm, Axel Husky , NovaSquirrel, Ripp_, Rix, Otarine, Cam D'Arcy, Saiai, visneKedi, Saxxon Fox, Ansel Geisel, Susan Tolias, Tabby Cromarty, Vivee, jay jorts, Kazy, keeri, megaRammy, raine, SUSHiCLAWS

I appreciate all of you guys' support. Let's cross our fingers and hope this goes well!


082820 Shield Cat SAGE Demo - 15 MB
Aug 28, 2020
082820 Shield Cat SAGE Demo - 15 MB
Aug 28, 2020

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