Updated SAGE Demo

Howdy guys! Thanks to a lot of people playing Shield Cat (Thank you!!) and a ton of feedback I got from people, I've made a lot of changes to the demo to fix many bugs and adjust a few things. I also added a few things, and fixed a few long standing bugs. Additionally, if you were having issues with the game on a non-60hz display, this version should address those issues!  Please see the change log below:

 ===== NEW =====

  • Lance can now break out of a backward skid from hitting an object or throwing his shield a lot more quickly, but it costs magic to do so! People with not so much magic won't be able to use it much, but people with a lot of magic will love it.
  • Lance's fall animation has been improved. He no longer loses health, but instead will lose Pretty Petals. You can get them back though!!!... if you're quick enough...
  • You can now replace built-in sprites at runtime! Please see "Modding The Game.txt" for more info, but be warned: it's not for the casual player.
  • Debug mode can now show you the collision on the layer Lance is on.
  • Debug mode can also now show all object hitboxes.
  • Auto Ability status will now reset whenever you load a game or start a new game.

 ===== IMPROVED =====

  • Grass now draws a lot more smoothly if AA is turned up high enough.
  • Changed the initial music volume from 100% to 80%.
  • Object pop-in has been eliminated on almost all objects.
  • The game should now ignore devices that it doesn't believe are actually gamepads (mainly for Linux.)
  • The game will no longer pop up a message if it doesn't know about a gamepad that's connected. Instead it will simply try to automatically configure it.

 ===== BUG FIXES =====

  • An option has been added to help people who are playing on non-60hz monitors to play Shield Cat.
  • Fixed hitbox of the extending bridge.
  • Waterfall now sounds properly when stepping into a room.
  • Fixed a bug where the gate would just pop in.
  • Fixed a bug where reading the sign in the cave would cause Lance to leave the room, softlocking the game.
  • Starting a new game will now properly reinitialize Lance's stats and heal him.
  • Fixed a bug where the grass wouldn't show properly if you minimized and restored the window, or changed fullscreen states.
  • Finally fixed the bug where the grass would cast a silhouette on Lance after it had been cut.
  • Fixed a related bug where Lance's silhouette would draw incorrectly when he was behind Willow or an Evil Squirrel.
  • Platforms will now always start in the position they're supposed to, instead of snapping in.
  • Lance will now receive the proper offset from walls and will no longer be slowed by them.
  • Trees in the secret area that you swim to now have collision on them.
  • Roxy will no longer take your petals when you can't buy any more magic upgrades.

Please head to the main page and download the updated demo! Owners of the game can also download the game as normal (they are the same versions at this time.)

A big thanks to the following people and everyone who supports me for making this possible.

Accalia, Shadow8t4, BenTheDragon, Caliburn Absolute, Chris Badger, Clover Arizona, David Wolfpaw, Spyduck, Cloud Hop, Fao, FaultBat, Flake, FoxyDude, Nutalie Frost, GamerRat (Jan), Gri, Goronhead, Holly Hoppet, Jyrki, Hulex Fox, Kirbizard, Kaypar, Trash, LF, Lorxus, Luna, Luna Moona the Little Kahuna , Durk Vash, Markus Joseph Kitsinger , Marlyn, Mello the Ferret, Midori, Leon P, Nenekiri Bookwyrm, Axel Husky , NovaSquirrel, Ripp_, Rix, Otarine, Cam D'Arcy, Saiai, visneKedi, Saxxon Fox, Ansel Geisel, Susan Tolias, Tabby Cromarty, Vivee, jay jorts, Kazy, meerm, megaRammy, raine, SUSHiCLAWS


090620 Shield Cat - Linux.zip 15 MB
Sep 07, 2020
090620 Shield Cat - Windows.zip 15 MB
Sep 07, 2020
090620 Shield Cat SAGE Demo - Linux.zip 15 MB
Sep 07, 2020
090620 Shield Cat SAGE Demo - Windows.zip 15 MB
Sep 07, 2020

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