062719 Room Selector and Controller Info

Added a few things today

- Game starts at a room select. You can visit some debug rooms, or view controller information

- Controller page shows all connected controllers (except my 8bitdo nes controller, which apparently doesn't work anymore)

- You can also view the current remap scheme (but you can't change it and there's no DirectInput yet)

- There's a snazzy new icon, check it out!

- You can visit the forest area to see the animated grass and clouds (The collision here is weird)

- You can also visit the Collision debug room (but not all collision is implemented so dont talk to me if you fly off the map)

- You can also visit the red sphere room, but there's no spheres. Finally, you can just run around and be chill (for now)

- Futuristic Disco Music Video Lance doesn't show up in the game, but you can see him here:


062719 Shield Cat - Windows.zip 2 MB
Jun 28, 2019

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