DirectInput and Keyboards!

Here's a new build of the game! The following changes were made:

- Lance will now respond to the first DirectInput controller inserted as well as the first XInput controller

- You still can't remap the controls though

- Lance also responds to keyboard input now. Q, Space, Enter, and Numpad 5 attack. You can use WSAD, the arrow keys, or the numpad keys to move around.

- Diagonal numberpad keys dont work properly, when I tried to make it work Lance just stopped moving diagonally. I'll figure that one out later lmao

- There's new info screens that show how gamepads are mapped to GML constants. If you've got a weird controller like one of mine, you'll see that Start and Select are mapped to the buttons that you press down the analog stick for (L3 and R3) To be fair though, the controller doesn't have start and select buttons

- The other screen shows you button hold and release times. I just thought it'd be neat to see

Thank you!!!


063019 Shield Cat - 2 MB
Jul 01, 2019

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