The Forest Room is Fancy Now

Here's the hottest build of Shield Cat! And here's the change log:

- Added a special effect to the forest room. Here's hoping it doesn't crash everyone's vintage computers.

- Fixed the camera not going in front of Lance like it was supposed to in order to show the way ahead. Now Lance can always see where he's going (for now)

- Removed the script that was trying to resize the window when you're pressing the number keys (bet you didnt even know about it, it was broken anyways lmao)

- Made Lance recognize different terrain types. Now he leaves different kinds of footprints in different areas, and makes different kinds of sounds when he steps there.

PLEASE NOTE the Red Sphere Room is gonna be removed soon because it's using the older version of the engine so it's gonna get more and more wild in there as time goes on, so please enjoy it while it's here

- Also, Collision is not fully implemented yet, so Lance is gonna be weird on some walls. That's not really a bug as much as "I haven't done it yet lmao"


070519 Shield Cat - 2 MB
Jul 06, 2019

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