Shield Cat Fullscreen? More Likely Than You Think

Here's a new build of Shield Cat! I know it seems like I'm putting a lot, but I'm adding a lot of big features right now lmao the updates will become less frequent as I get further into the game (I won't be posting a new upload just because I added an enemy and then another one because I added a light to some room)

Here's the changes in this build:

- Removed the Red Sphere Room (sorry guys) because the collision system in there isnt compatible anymore, and also a lot of bugs I keep getting told about are for that room for stuff that isn't gonna be in the game. (My apologies if you liked that slick room transition, it would just be too tricky for me to keep that one going)

- I also removed the other old rooms and older test assets and whatnot. Basically I cleaned up! However, I made a backup for those times when I wanna get nostalgic

- Fixed the underlying camera functionality. You guys will notice absolutely nothing different, but basically it was running with compatible with Gamemaker Studio 1 still. Now it runs properly!

- I also fixed the window sizing options that broke when I went from GMS1 to GMS2 (there's a reason the game runs at 720p only LOL) You can now run the game at any resolution. Hopefully someone's got a 4K monitor because I sure dont. Also, you can make the game fullscreen!

- I changed the internal game name to "Shield Cat Prototype." If you go to  %localappdata% (C:\Users\[profile name]\AppData\Local\) You'll see a folder called "Shield_Cat_Prototype" where the configuration is at. If you see a folder named "_110718_Shieldcat" or something, you can delete it. The game will not use that folder anymore.

- The game now has video configuration! At the start screen, you can press [2] to get there. The following options are available

  • [F4] Toggles fullscreen (you can use Alt+Enter as well) (defaults to ON)
  • [F5] Toggles texture interpolation (defaults to ON)
  • [F6] AntiAliasing Level (Defaults to 0) can do X2, X4, or X8 - the game will tell you if you can actually use that level of AA or not though
  • [F7] and [F8] sizes the window to the next multiple of 640x360 (use this to get back to a 1:1 resolution if you sized the window weird)
  • [F9] Toggles game scaling (defaults to Fractional) if its Integer then the game will ONLY show in multiples of 640x360. Otherwise, it will fill the game window and use interpolation as necessary
  • [F10] Toggles debug display.  You can read about this here
  • [F11] Toggles VSync (defaults to ON)
  • [F12] Whether we upscale the application surface or not (defaults to ON)

Whenever you change one of these options, it's immediately saved to disk. The game will restore the settings you closed it with.

Let me know how it goes!


070619 Shield Cat - 2 MB
Jul 07, 2019

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