Lance spins on to Linux

Today I had a galaxy brain thought about installing Linux Mint XFCE to a virtual machine, and then using Gamemaker Studio 2 in Windows to connect to that VM via SSL to create a Linux build of Shield Cat, rather than putting my desktop into Linux mode and then getting on my laptop.

After some finagling, it worked, and it's easy to build builds! Therefore, from now on I should be able to provide Linux builds as well as Windows builds. It should be noted though that these builds only work in Debian based operating systems like Ubuntu, and they only work on x86/64, so if you've got Red Hat or you've got some ARM or PowerPC Linux or something, it's not gonna work for you (Sorry)

I should note that this build is slightly newer than the newest Windows build, but that's only because I moved the F11 and F12 functions to F1 and F3 - I didn't change or add anything else

Also, it ran fantastically in the virtual machine (somehow)


071019 Shield Cat - Debian Linux 2 MB
Jul 11, 2019
070619 Shield Cat - 2 MB
Jul 07, 2019

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