Lance's New Spin Physics

Hot off the presses, a brand new build! Here's the change log:

- Removed the special effect I was so happy with because it lagged everyone's computers lmao

- Changed where Lance would angle toward the direction you pressed from a dead stop. Now Lance will immediately go in that direction.

- Changed the hot keys that configure the video around some (if you downloaded the Linux version from a couple days ago you saw this already)

- Added a new room to test different environment types

- Lance now falls in pits! poor guy. You can see this in the environment room or the forest room. See if you can get across the big gap!

- You can now pause the game. It defaults to the start button on the first X/Dinput device, or keyboard T or the Addition key

- However, there's nothing on the pause menu yet but some test stuff. You can move between them though!

- I re-coded how Lance builds up speed and loses it. He wont come to a stop immediately after releasing the button (at an unpredictable rate) and instead will reliably speed up and slow down. He also always moves the exact same distance on his initial spin, whether you are walking or you're standing still, spin, and then tilt the direction. This makes it easier to cross the chasm.

- Lance can now moonwalk spin by spinning in a direction and IMMEDIATELY pressing the opposite direction. It serves no purpose, but it's fun!

Please let me know how Lance feels to control!


071219 Shield Cat - Debian Linux 2 MB
Jul 13, 2019
071219 Shield Cat - 2 MB
Jul 13, 2019

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