If Lance is so good, why isn't there a Lance 2? (There is)

Here's a hot new build of Shield Cat! Check out the changes:

- Deleted Lance

- Ok I'm kidding, but I redid his code from the ground up!

- Lance has consistent speeds now, as well as a speed meter. You can press the button at regular intervals to maintain a certain speed.

- Lance can still moonwalk spin! Press the direction, press the attack button, and then immediately switch to the opposite direction to spin backward instead.

- Moonwalk spin does NOT allow Lance to spin clockwise instead of counterclockwise, sorry.

- Lance can also interact with enemies correctly again (whoops)

- Lance's interaction with enemies has changed though. Before he just kinda bounced off them and flew away, but now he properly bounces off them and there's a lot of weight to it.

- If you are standing still, spin, and then press and hold a direction, and then continue to press the spin button while holding a direction, you'll do the "slow spin." This is a glitch that became a feature (unless it messes up something or people have trouble, then it's gone)

- Lance's skid when you change direction actually works now (did you know that it wasn't supposed to keep spinning?) If you're going really fast and you do a hard turnaround, Lance will skid and start going the other way. The animation looks really cool so check it out!

- Prevented camera from snagging on parts of the collision now, instead it adjusts itself to the collision

- Also smoothed it out whenever you change directions so it doesn't suddenly just jump away

- The game now checks if it's the newest version or not, and will alert you if this is the case. You won't see this until the next build is published though lmao. It's using my website currently, but will use Shield Cat's website whenever I make it.

- When you start up the game on Windows, it may ask you about internet permissions. That's so it can do the update check, and isn't used otherwise.

- Lance's spin generation has been adjusted, he will now reliably produce the same amount of effects when spinning

- Also, the spin sound when going fast will slow down when you're decelerating, to let you know that you're doing so

- Lance's logic around pits has been changed, so you wont infinitely fall in anymore!

- However, I can't do anything if you just can't seem to stay out of them.

- The test spheres now stay inside the room, so you can continue smacking them as much as you like!

- However, they don't care about pits, so if you knock one over a pit, you're out of luck.

- I still haven't coded the rest of the collision. I'm getting to it, I promise!


071819 Shield Cat - Linux.zip 2 MB
Jul 19, 2019
071819 Shield Cat - Windows.zip 2 MB
Jul 19, 2019

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