Code Optimization and Remappable Controls!

Here's the latest version of Shield Cat! The following has been changed:

- Collision engine has been optimized a lot more. I learned about bitwise operations and alongside other optimizations it runs incredibly fast now.

- The game will now allow you to close the game with the Escape key (this was a suggestion, thank you!)

- The game now checks for game updates from rather than I'll keep the old update check there though so that anyone with the build that checked there can know that it's old.

- The game text up/downscales properly now (it wasn't supposed to stay just one size) and now there's high quality assets depending on the resolution (unless you disable them)

- The controller engine has been rewritten entirely. It's incredibly fast now, and also configurable! You'll have to edit gamepads.ini for now until I code a remapper in the game, but hey, I was using my JoyCon-R to control the game so

- The keyboard engine was also rewritten. Now you can remap the keys by editing keyboard.ini (until I put an in-game remapper)

- There is a "Config Readme.txt" included with the game now. You can use it as a guide to be able to edit gamepads.ini and keyboard.ini

- There's also a "Shield Cat Readme.txt" that tells you about the game, as well as default controls.

- There's a pretty pause menu rather than the test one now! It doesn't do much yet, but it's there at least!

- There's also vibration now! Smack into an enemy to feel it, or do a backward skid (more will be added later)

- However, vibration doesn't seem to work with DirectInput devices, sorry.

- The game will try to automatically map any known controllers, including ones that Gamemaker doesn't know about. However, I can't know every controller. Want to help me out? You can help add unknown controllers to the game by clicking here:

- Fun fact: I made it so if you connect the Joycon L and R to your PC, Shield Cat will automatically use them as one controller. You don't need any fancy software!

- However, if you want to use them individually, you'll have to configure that yourself.

Bug Fixes:

- Spheres can no longer influence Lance to go out of bounds.

- However, Lance can still get stuck between a sphere and a wall. You'll have to hit the sphere to make it go away.

- Lance would sometimes only backward skid completely left, instead of diagonally. This has now been fixed.

Known Bugs:

- The pause menu background draws outside of where it's supposed to be.


072619 Shield Cat Prototype - 2 MB
Jul 27, 2019
072619 Shield Cat Prototype - 2 MB
Jul 27, 2019

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